Last year Ponte Vineyard Inn teamed up with Clean the World, a company that recycles used soap and shampoo and turns them into soap bars that are distributed around the world to children and adults in need. Their goal is to prevent bacterial infections that are a result of poor hygiene with recycled soap; something that we had an easy time getting behind.

Throughout this past year Clean the World has been collecting our leftover soap and shampoo on a regular basis. After they remove the soap from the property it is taken to their grounds where is it sanitized, cleaned, repackaged and shipped all over the world to people in need. Within the first year of our partnership, we have donated 218 lbs of waste collected from our property. From that waste, 614 soap bars have been made and distributed around the world.

We’re not the only ones joining this fight against poor hygiene. Many other hotels, inns and lodges have donated their used soap and shampoo to Clean the World resulting in 3,100,000 lbs of waste collected to date and from that waste, 13,000,000 bars of soap have been distributed world wide. That’s a lot of soap! We are more than happy to be a part of “the global hygiene revolution” and to do our part wherever we can to give back to the earth and the people who share it with us.

We hope that Clean the World’s mission becomes a global initiative and continues to grow with every year of operation. One thing they can count on is Ponte Vineyard Inn always doing their part to better the world for us and generations to come.

If you would like to join “the global hygiene revolution” by holding a soap drive in your community, please click here to learn how you can become a partner and save the world from poor hygiene one bar of soap at a time.

–Amy Landolt