Ponte Vineyard Inn

Hotel expectations vary from person to person. I think it’s safe to assume, though, that most people put much consideration on the following: price, cleanliness, service. In other words,

“Can I afford it?”

“Is the place clean and comfortable?”

“Will I be treated well?”

If a hotel can meet these expectations, guests are generally pretty happy. And so, hotels – especially large chains – focus on maintaining making their guests “pretty happy.” It’s a good formula for chains. Business remains consistent, travelers know what to expect no matter where they are in the world and shareholders are content. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the norm.

Beautiful Property, Classic Comfort

But Ponte is hardly the norm.

Case in point – Ponte Vineyard Inn, a boutique hotel.  Just what is a “boutique hotel” anyway? At its most basic description, a boutique is much smaller than a traditional hotel. Because of this, a boutique hotel is so much more than just small. Being small allows for more personalization, customization and uniqueness. There is no need to remain consistent with the norm because, well, there’s only one of us. Smaller hotels have a much smaller guest-capacity, which means the staff can concentrate on only a few guests, giving them more attention. Attention to a hotel guest means more comfort and more luxury.

Relax… You’ve Arrived

Small also means intimate. Ponte Vineyard Inn does not have an enormous check-in area. In fact, most of the lobby resembles a very nice living room, complete with cushy chairs, a roaring fire and inviting decor. Our check-in desk is a simple table with chairs for guests and associates… and a welcome glass of bubbly. Rooms and suites are easy to find; guests are in one of 60 rooms verses one of hundreds. There are two levels to wander. I don’t know about you, but I once got lost looking for my room in a very large Las Vegas hotel. Illusions of “The Shining” nearly got the best of me. This is virtually impossible at the Inn.

Stunning Views at Every Turn

Boutique hotels are also quick to implement change when necessary. We encourage guests to write a review of our hotel after their stay. This is not just for search engine hits; we want to know where we are excelling and where we need to step it up. Because of our small size and no pressure to adhere to corporate “norms”, we are able to change things up almost immediately if we think it will benefit our guests and their hotel experience.

So, do we meet most guests’ considerations? Yes!

Classic Comfort & Wine Country Charm

Affordability: Our mid-week rates start at just $196 a night for Ponte Wine Club Members.

Clean and comfortable: You bet. Cleanliness is of utmost importance and we strive to make the Inn feel like home.

Service: Nothing is more important to us than service. Nothing.

Do we go beyond our guest’s considerations? You be the judge…


Eat Local (and Fresh!) at Bouquet Restaurant

Sustainability Meets Beauty

We can’t wait to host you, make you feel at home and exceed your hotel expectations. So, I guess there’s just one more question to ask – When can we expect you?

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–Erica Martinez