At Ponte Vineyard Inn, the goal we strive to reach every day is to please our guests and prevent problems and inconveniences.  As with any business, we cannot avoid this 100 percent of the time and what we do about the problem is what sets us apart. Recently, I asked our Guest Service and Bell staff how to handle guest’s complaints and what it means to really resolve the issue.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear their take on the subject.  Training can only go so far, real honest-to-goodness compassion cannot be taught, and I found that we truly have compassionate associates working for us.  Here are a few samples of responses:

Although the issue may not be my fault, I have learned that no matter what it is best to right any wrongs.  I always listen and formally address the issue letting the guest know I will resolve it.  It says a lot about service if you can make an unhappy guest happier than before.  This is my goal every day I come to work.” – Jason M.

Once a guest sees that you actually care, it changes everything.  Something that may seem minor to us could mean the world to a guest.” – Al W.

Have empathy for the guest’s situation and treat them how you would want to be treated.  Most of the time the guest is not looking for what you can give them, instead they are looking for a sincere effort to make things right.  Associates need to put the guest’s needs above their own and leave their pride at the door.” – Sarah S.

Every problem that is brought to our attention is an opportunity to provide the great service we are capable of giving at Ponte Vineyard Inn.  Offering a solution that is beneficial for the guests and not getting defensive is the best way we can achieve this.” – Madelyn R.

As you will see on Trip Advisor, we do not make excuses for our flaws and our associates treat our guests as if they are welcoming them into their own home.  I hope you have an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay in Temecula Wine Country.  We would love to host you and offer our best service to make your getaway an experience to remember.

–Sarah Martinez, Hotel Manager