As you can imagine we have been very busy at the hotel construction site. Here’s a recent image from a balloon (the photographer did some fun photo tricks to the image to make it look “fancy”–however the elements are correct):

Taken in early December, the photo shows the pond almost full and the roof tiles partially installed. As of December 12 the pond is now full and the windmill is busy aerating the pond.

  • The drywall has been “loaded” into the hotel. With the roof and drywall loaded we can now start the process in adding stucco to the exterior walls. For those of you that care about these things, wood buildings need to be “loaded” with most of the weight they will carry so the wood will flex before the stucco is applied. Otherwise the stucco would crack. Once the stucco is done (30 – 35 days from the start), we’ll be able to start work on the landscaping. Drywall and interior finishes will start next week.
  • The balconies and banisters are complete, as is the porte cochere (the small building in front).
  • The area between the wings, where the construction crew cars are parked, will be the garden with fountains, fireplaces and sitting areas.– click here to see
  • All electrical and plumbing work is complete inside the rooms. The lobby is now framed and ready to accept finishes, as is the cellar lounge (the bar). They are both amazing and we can’t wait to see them finished, with furniture, etc.
  • We have already poured the sound insulating lightweight concrete on the second story and walking on it feels vey solid, almost as if the building were made of masonry instead of wood. This week we’ll pour the remainder of the concrete on the balconies and patios. The goal is for the downstairs rooms to be totally quiet, without the usual “elephant walk” upstairs. We are also staggering our studs and using extra drywall between the rooms to make them as quiet as possible.
  • The super efficient central air installation is almost finished and will also contribute to a quiet and comfortable room without the nasty compressor noise so common in lesser hotels. The recirculating hot water heating loops are in and awaiting the roof mounted units to arrive.

All these comfort and sustainability features are very expensive to design, buy and install but they will make a world of difference to the quality of your stay. There is nothing cheap in this hotel. Nonetheless, although this 4-diamond inn will not be inexpensive, for wine club members Sunday through Thursdays stays will be an amazing value.

We will of course work through the holidays. Here’s the plan:

  • This week and next we’ll pour the remainder of the concrete on the balconies and patios.
  • Next week we’ll start fine grading the parking areas in front, where you see those plies of dirt. The parking lot will be basically done in mid-January.
  • We’ll install the gas line to the building.
  • The roof will be finished and the stucco will start.
  • Insulation will be installed.
  • Drywall will start.
  • We’ll set out cookies and milk for Santa.
  • We’ll get back to work.

In January the grand stair case and elevators will arrive soon (and will be a pain to install).

We still hope to be ready for the you on April 1st but are only accepting reservations starting on April 16th, in case the rains delay us a week or two.

Please stay tuned for more updates as we near the opening and until then we thank you for your continued support. Make reservations now for your stay after April 16th.