By Claudio

This last Wednesday, Steve Converse and I were on a routine construction inspection walk at the Inn. Suddenly he was stopped in his tracks:

“What the heck is that!”. His jaw dropped and his face darkened. “Look at that” he said pointing to the stone work on the right tower of the inn.

I said “So? What’s the problem?”

“What’s the problem? Don’t you see? The stone work is crap! That’s the problem! This thing looks like a Mac Mansion in Orange county, not like a mission, where the indians did the mortar work”

I responded “It’s not really a mission, Steve, it’s a winery hotel, and the only native americans around are at Pechanga, what’s the big deal?”

“It IS A BIG DEAL, Claudio. Let me just build this thing, will you?”

He storms away and fires the whole crew, on the spot. After a couple of frantic phone calls, the stone sub-contractor reaches us and asks for another chance to personally supervise the work. Steve is a no-compromise guy, but he relents and lets the workers continue under their boss’ supervision,. They MUST place the stones exactly like in the sample, which is nearby.

A few hours later I came back and saw the difference. Got to admit, Steve has a good eye. Check the before-and-after pictures, and the original sample. Let me know if you agree with Steve.

This façade will receive a very heavy layer of grout that will cover 30% of each stone to match the desired “look”.

This level of attention to detail pervades the whole project. I hope it’s worth the stress and effort. Of course, you’ll be the judge and we sure hope you like it.

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