Dear members,

As you can be seen from these photos we are making solid progress on our hotel construction. The façade is really great and matches our initial vision as shown in the renderings.

Framing is nearly done and we are starting to scaffold the exterior to prepare for stucco application. Some minor adjustments were needed in the lobby area where some door openings had to be enlarged and windows moved to improve view lines. The interiors will be much more appealing as a result.

The rooms are turning out great, in our opinion. They “feel” right, and the views to the surrounding vineyards are excellent. Building the model room was essential. One of the photos shows the view to the vineyards from the west grand suite. The pond (not yet ready to be filled) can be seen in front of the vineyard: Not a great shot but it gives you an idea of what the rooms views will be like.

The other photos show the frontage elevations from different angles. The hotel is situated diagonally on the site, at the same angle as the winery, which gives it great presence from the road. It is slightly elevated and looks, well… imposing.

Electrical wiring is in progress as is plumbing and fire sprinklers. Another few weeks and we’ll be ready for drywall.

We’ve received the windmill and will soon have it up, ready to “blow bubbles” into the pond.

I’m pleased to include a photo of our construction team. From left to right: Chris Campbell, our local architect. Steve Converse, our development partner, and Rick Gallagher, our superintendent. Together, this trio is keeping the job on track and, hopefully, on budget.

Best regards,