Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.  I start menu-planning at least a month in advance.  From the turkey and stuffing, to the pies (oh, the pies!), to choosing the wine, I love the preparation, the smell of the kitchen, and watching everyone arrive in anticipation of a great meal.

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving??

My grandmother—and cooking mentor—saw Thanksgiving as a great excuse to feed as many people as possible.  Last year, as I was pulling an 18-pound turkey from the brine, she mumbled, “well, I’ve never seen a turkey less than 20 pounds.”  It wasn’t criticism.  Until she passed the torch to me, there were never fewer than 25 guests at her long cherry wood table.

Having grown up on a dairy, Grams was careful to choose a turkey that came from a reputable ranch.  This was before “Certified Organic” and “All Natural” were global terms.  Ahead of her time, she knew the source of the meat (and the milk!) mattered.

“Life on the Ranch.” 

Grandma Cushing knew animals who are treated humanely give better milk.

I was so happy to learn Ponte Family Estate has the same philosophy when it comes to serving our guests.   Chef Salvatore Giuliano carefully selected Huntsinger Ranch turkeys for Ponte’s Thanksgiving feast at Bouquet Restaurant.

Huntsinger Farms, est. 1934

A family-owned business since 1934, Fred and Mable Huntsinger started raising turkeys on their small ranch in California’s now-urban San Fernando Valley.  As their business grew, they pushed the ranch out toward Santa Clarita, but the family still uses the same all-natural, humane farming methods Fred instilled back 1934.

Today, Huntsinger Ranch turkeys ship to Thanksgiving tables all over the United States, and we are proud to serve them at Bouquet Restaurant at Ponte Vineyard Inn.   Click here to see the Thanksgiving menu and wine pairing.

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–Monica Rigali