Each March, the Southwest Region of the Ferrari Club of America holds it’s annual “Ortega Run” from Orange County to Temecula. The owners of some of the fastest sports cars in the world hug the curves of Ortega Highway (obeying the speed limit, wink, wink) as they travel from San Juan Capistrano into Wine Country. Following a multi-year tradition, the seemingly endless line of bright colored sports cars zoomed down that famous two-lane highway into the valley for lunch and comradery.

F-Cars as far as the eye can see

We expected the sticker: “My car is redder than yours…”

This year the Ferrari club chose Ponte Vineyard Inn as their destination, and, as you can imagine, the cars sitting in the parking lot between the winery and the Inn caused quite a stir. What’s more beautiful than a shiny, sexy Italian sports car? The Ferrari brand is synonymous with quality, beauty and luxury. These cars looked pretty good in front of our Inn, if we do say so ourselves.

Hey, what’s a Porsche doing there?

Guests got to check out the pricey cars as they roared in and their drivers got to taste Ponte Wines, visit the vineyards and reminisce, before turning in for the night in Ponte’s comfortable, eco-friendly digs. Sounds like a pretty good weekend, eh?

What a great vanity plate. Perfect for the occasion

We hear they are coming back next year. Watch out for the announcement and come out to see the Ferrari parade at Ponte.

Our wedding manager Tori Bailey’ nephew Tre picks his favorite.   “I think I’ll keep it”, he said.

What’s the engine doing inside the car?

This group turned out to be super easy going, friendly, and unassuming. Mostly an older set, with grandchildren, and with fascinating stories to tell. It was fun to spend some time with these folks.

OK, Tre, make up your mind, will you?