By Claudio

We are now on a count down to the May 4th opening of our Temecula hotel.

Here is our summary of last week’s activity and a sneak peak at some of the inn’s features.

Façade scaffolding is down and façade is ready precast over door. Wood frame is ready for it. This was not done earlier because the scaffolding was in the way.

Lobby tile is 90% done in this photo, waiting for grout. Wood floors started Monday and will be done by end of day today (Wednesday).

This one shows the lobby floor with the grout.

Wood floors started Monday and will be done by end of day today (Wednesday).

The lobby fireplace is complete.

Drop ceilings are in in kitchen office and fitness room. Ceiling tiles will go in after inspection. It will take a few hours. Note heavy insulation around AC ducts.

Sustainably sourced windows. They are aluminum clad on the outside so they should outlast us all:

Computer systems are in and working. Internet is in and working.

The Cellar Lounge bar counter is in and cabinets are being mounted. This will be finished today. Flooring goes in Friday and Saturday. Furniture next Monday.

Brick is being mounted behind the bar.

Here is a photo of the stairwell down to The Cellar Lounge. These stones will receive a heavy layer of grout similar to the look on the columns on the front of the hotel.

We are busy adding the “jewelry”, the decorative additions that will make our wine country hotel so special, like these lamps.


Let’s go to the garden:

The Italian cypresses are in. Notice eyebrows over windows still need paint.

Canvas awnings are in west wing. East wing doesn’t need them. Note the lights. They are sconces made out of handmade roof tiles.

Gazebo is complete over the pond. A bit of paint around the skirt and it’s done.

Brick Patios are complete. Note shade over door and nice brick cap over stone wall: Perfect for a glass of wine!

This week we will:

Install all perimeter shrubs and landscaping
Plant a few trees at west façade
Finish the parking lot
Start landscaping the internal garden
Finish all wood floors
Install all common areas light fixtures
Finish Kitchen installation
Finish elevators
Install guest room art
Install guest room supplies and equipment (hair dryers, TVs, etc.)
Clean Guest rooms
Wire the business office for phones and computers
Install and test the backup generator

Next week we will:

Install all public area furniture
Finish the courtyard garden
Install grass around gazebo
Install all Point-of-sale systems, computers and telephones
Furnish Cellar bar
Load Kitchen and Bar with supplies, equipment and food
Clean up
And finally,

As always, thank you for your support. We can’t wait to see you at the inn.

Best Claudio