Among the many Temecula hotels, Ponte Vineyard Inn is a premier Temecula Wine Country destination. Our Inn offers boutique accommodations, breathtaking wine country views, wine tasting, and fine dining, but did you know that we put a great deal of thought and care into green living as well?

One of our core values at Ponte Vineyard Inn is sustainability. We’ve focused on reducing the environmental footprint of our property, without sacrificing the elegance, comfort, and luxury our guests deserve. Read on to learn a bit about our sustainable features. . . 

Ponte Vineyard Inn Courtyard

  • Building Orientation: The Inn was oriented to minimize sun exposure to the rooms. Deciduous trees shelter the west wing and generous overhangs protect the corridors. The lobby structure shelters the central garden from wind and sun.
  • Insulation: Every wall and roof surface is insulated with the best sustainable material money can buy. A “leak” study will verify the caulking was done correctly to reduce HVAC usage.
  • Air Conditioning: State of the art central HVAC system with room occupancy sensors, instead of the noisy, unsightly “wall bangers” commonly used in business class hotels.
  • Materials: Low VOC paint, use of recycled or natural materials, local sourcing, and minimum waste techniques are used throughout
  • Water: No bathtubs, low flow high-pressure shower-heads, leak detectors, ultra low flow TOTO toilets, rainwater irrigation, and pre-plumbing for toilets for recycled greywater.
  • Laundry: Our laundry service is on-site. This reduces the need for transportation.
  • Electricity: LED bulbs throughout (90% reduction in required power), 25 KW of solar panels (built in San Diego, not China), ultra-efficient HVAC.
  • Gas: Insta-hot water heating with low power, large pipe pumps.
  • Landscaping: Mediterranean or California native low water use plant palette.
  • Operating Supplies and Equipment: Only use sustainable suppliers and organic products. Soap recycling program through Clean the World, a non-profit charity that provides soap to impoverished people.
  • Pond: Wind-powered aeration (with windmill). Live pond, no chemicals.
  • Parking Lot: Pervious to prevent runoff. Olive trees for shade, and of course, oil.

Make your wine country getaway reservation today—our top-notch staff are at the ready to help secure your accommodations, and answer all of your questions. Email our front desk, or call the Inn directly at (951) 587-6688 today. Be sure to join our wine club while visiting the vineyard, as Ponte Members save 20% off standard room rates.

We look forward to indulging you soon.



– Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro