Before the blueprints were even drawn up, Claudio knew one of the elements that would run throughout the property would be sustainability. Sure, things like recycling and energy efficiency were a given, but we knew we wanted to go above and beyond the basics. It may not have been the easiest or the least expensive route to take, but we at the Winery and the Inn know how important it is to take care of our surroundings, decreasing our environmental footprint whenever and wherever we can. A huge amount of time and effort was spent researching how each department at the Inn could function sustainably, and most guests have no idea of these little details. Just goes to show you, sustainability can be seamless and beautiful, even at a 4-star hotel. Here are some examples of how we’re treating the environment with care.

Sustainably planned, responsibly maintained | Photo Credit: Carmen Santorelli Photography

Building Orientation: The Inn was built and oriented to minimize sun exposure to the rooms, thus, decreasing the need for air conditioning in warm weather. Trees shelter the west wing and large branch overhangs protect the corridors. The lobby shelters the central courtyard from the wind and sun.

Air Conditioning: Speaking of AC… Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC systems with room occupancy sensors. When rooms are empty, the air shuts off, saving lots of energy.

Supplies: Our soaps and lotions are sustainable and organic (plus they smell so nice). Any unused soap is donated to Clean the World, a non-profit charity that provides soap to impoverished communities.

Leftover products are donated to Clean the World

Water Usage: We’ve heard it before – “What do you mean no bathtubs?” Nope, just low-flow, high-pressure showerheads are in our gorgeous, oversized bathrooms in order to save water. We utilize leak detectors, and we use rainwater for much of our irrigation outdoors.

Landscaping: Simply put, it gets hot here. Although Japanese primroses and hydrangeas may be beautiful, they need a lot of water to stay beautiful. As a result, they made the landscape cutting room floor. Instead, native California plants and some Mediterranean varietals adorn the inside and outside of the Inn, and (if we may be so bold) look smashing.

Pond: Our pond is live, meaning we use no chemicals in it. For aeration, we use wind power!

Our windmill naturally aerates our pond | Photo Credit: Marisa Belle Photography

Parking Lot: We admit, many guests have asked us why we didn’t pave the hotel parking lot. It is pervious (not tight and solid) to prevent rainwater from running off. Instead, that water satiates our olive trees, which provide both shade and oil, of course! Not to worry, though, if you really don’t want to walk through the lot, there’s always valet.

TripAdvisor has recognized that we apply sustainable practices to every area of our operations and has awarded us with their coveted Platinum Sustainable status. This ranks us among the best of eco-friendly hotels. We know how important sustainability is to many of our guests and we are thrilled to offer you the best in an area you care about.  And for the ones who don’t care… that’s okay, too! We’re happy to offer the absolute best in service and comfort (and we’re pleased to recycle your water and wine bottles for you).

–Erica Martinez