Last week we told you why The Cellar Lounge at Ponte Vineyard Inn might just be the perfect date spot. This week, we’re going to show you how to up your date game. Impress the heck out of your special someone with an “insider’s guide” to The Cellar.  It’s a great conversation starter while sipping on a Monte Carlo.

By now, most of you know the look and feel of The Cellar Lounge at Ponte Vineyard Inn.  Underground, out of the way and discreet, with great drinks. It feels worlds away from the Mission-styled hotel upstairs. However, we’ve realized the true blueprint of the Lounge is relatively unknown. The real “aha” moment came to Claudio Ponte during a trip to Portugal. The heart and soul of The Cellar Lounge is that of a European night spot. If you’ve ever been to Europe and ventured out at night you probably noticed a number of places located underground, often in the basements of very old structures. It’s cool walls are made of stone or brick and the atmosphere is jovial and relaxed. It was at Café Luso, a Fado (a popular music style in Portugal) bar in Lisbon where Claudio discovered what he wanted his Lounge to look like. You can see the similarities of Café Luso and The Cellar Lounge in the photos below:

Café Luso, Lisbon Portugal. Located within the old cellars of a 17th century manor house

The Cellar Lounge, Ponte Vineyard Inn. Notice the similarities in the seating along the walls and the curtained section for live entertainment.

Café Luso – live entertainment, modern art

The Cellar Lounge, modern art, brink interior, curved ceiling for acoustics

The Cellar Lounge

Friendly, hospitable atmospheres. Cellar Lounge, left. Café Luso, right.

There you have it. The Cellar Lounge is a mix of old (American prohibition) and older (17th century Europe). Of course, we’ve included all the modern amenities to make a date comfortable:  professional and friendly servers, comfortable couches and seating, and a menu full of delicious offerings.

Hope to see you and your date soon!