They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’ve all heard this. It jumpstarts our metabolism, raises our energy level, yada, yada, yada. Experts tell us to, “load up on protein,” “not too many carbs, now,” and “a little dairy is ok.” Every time I’m reminded by one of these experts to make time for a hearty high protein, yet low calorie, breakfast I’m reminded of my time in Europe when standard breakfast was little more than a roll with butter and strong coffee. That’s what people ate and everyone looked relatively healthy. Made me wonder about breakfast around the world; just what does everyone eat?

Eastern China: breakfast can include dumplings, rice in vegetable soup, porridge and steamed custard buns.

Iran: sweet black tea, bread, butter, feta cheese, and sometimes, fresh fruit and nuts.

France: tea, coffee, juice, or hot chocolate, with bread and butter or pastries.

Japan: A typical traditional breakfast has rice, fish, miso soup, sticky soy beans, and nori seaweed.

Turkey: cheese, olives, honey, jam, bread, an omelette, and fruit.

Cambodia: Kuy Teav, a rice noodle soup with meat and vegetables.

Israel: Shakshuka, which consists of eggs poached in a tomato sauce. Classic Israeli breakfast (which is often served in hotels) comes with cheese, an omelette, tuna, olives, bread and butter/jams and salad.

UK: Traditional British “fry ups” include fried eggs, bacon, blood sausage, beans, toast and mushrooms

And finally…

Bouquet Restaurant, United States of America: Niman Ranch flat iron steak with melted gorgonzola cheese, with 2 eggs, griddled asparagus, and duck fat confit gemstone potatoes.

So, I guess the point is, as long as you eat something in the morning, you’re on the right track. Of course, some breakfasts are a bit more enticing than others, in our totally unbiased opinion.

Other breakfast options at Bouquet Restaurant include ricotta pancakes, eggs Benedict with braised beef, smoked salmon and eggs, Irish steel cut oatmeal with organic honey, plus breakfast cocktails and Italian organic coffee.

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—Erica Martinez