Claudio Ponte

Until this morning I had no idea how much concrete fits in one of those concrete transport trucks you see on the freeways. The answer is 8 to 10 cubic yards. As the photos show, we are busy pouring yard after yard of the grey viscous concrete into the footings of the hotel.

Today 20 truckloads were poured and another 20 will arrive tomorrow. We’ll be pouring for at least a couple of weeks.

Before we can pour the “slabs” under the two wings of the hotel, the plumbers and electricians are busy placing the entire infrastructure that goes on the floor. Hundreds of feet of pipes and wires are snaking everywhere.

I should add that before the concrete is poured a lot of steel “rebar” is shaped and placed to give the cement elements additional strength. You can see the rebar sticking out of the column bases in the photos.

Soon, the walls of the basement will start going up and later the first floor will be poured. I’ll keep you updated-hope you follow along.