Ponte Vineyard Inn – Setting the Platinum Standard in Sustainability

Call us granola-eaters. Call us “crunchy.” Call us tree-huggers. All in all, we’re proud to be sustainable. From the day the concept of Ponte Vineyard Inn was born, green practices were a top priority. Sure, things like recycling and energy efficiency were a given, but we knew we wanted to go above and beyond the basics. It was our goal to set an example that luxury and sustainability can, in fact, go hand in hand.

Because more and more travelers today seek out green hotels when they travel, TripAdvisor (on which we are the #1 hotel in Temecula – not bragging, just stating a fact!) began showcasing a variety of eco-friendly hotels – from budget to luxury. They rank their efforts on a scale of Bronze level to Platinum. The higher the status, the greater the impact of a property’s green practices. We are so proud to announce that our mighty little boutique hotel recently gained Platinum status. TripAdvisor has recognized that we apply sustainable practices to every area of our operations, from energy use, water use, purchasing, waste and recycle measures, guest education and feedback, paints, pavement…you name it!

The trees, the water, the plants, the chairs: all selected with sustainability in mind

We believe in the importance of decreasing our environmental footprint, and we know a lot of our guests do as well. As far as the guests who don’t care as much, well, that’s ok, too! We’re still happy to offer the absolute best in service and comfort…and we’re happy to recycle your water and wine bottles for you. P.S. – that amazing breakfast you ate at Bouquet? Organic, local ingredients. See, we’re helping you out with your footprint, too, and you didn’t even know it.

Don’t eat organic? You do here! Breakfast at Bouquet Restaurant pictured here.

So, you see, by staying with us in Temecula, you really are doing something good for yourself and for the environment. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, a vacation, staycation, or just because, we hope to see you at Ponte Vineyard Inn soon!

Learn more about our Sustainable practices here.

–Erica Martinez