Now that the hotel has been opened for a few months and I have had a chance to chat with many of you, the most common questions is: Where did we get the inspiration for our Temecula hotel?

Although the Inn’s architecture follows the California Mission model, the actual idea came from a trip to Argentina several years ago. Lauren Todd, our tasting room manager, Mark Schabel, Daniel Gomez (our winemakers) and I traveled to Salta to see our vineyards there. Unable to cross the normally dry river due to flooding, we were “stuck” at a beautiful boutique hotel called “Hacienda de Molinos”. Here a few photos from that wonderful trip.

River is full and we are unable to cross.

Our host is waiting across the river

Those of you with an eye for detail will see many features in common with the Inn

Large internal garden with giant pepper tree

Corridors with Saltillo and benches

Simple and comfy white beds

Loggia ceiling detail. When we asked the Riverside fire department if we could do the same here they told us “no way”

Simple white exteriors. DG parking lot.

I just love the use of cane for the eves

Here’s the living room

The walls are adobe and are … THICK

The owner telling us that the hotel was the governors house in the 1700s

Attention to detail. Rustic doesn’t have to be rough.

This is what they used for the eves when there was no cane: Saguaro wood!

The church across the street with Lauren and a Gaucho. The following day he took us across with his horses

But before we go… A great dinner and awesome wines. From left: Daniel Gomez, Laure Todd, Mark Schabel & Claudio Ponte

We wish we could have stayed longer…

Here we go across the river, which is much lower than the prior day

Our host is back to take us to the vineyards…

So, please come explore our Argentine and European influenced mission-style boutique hotel in Temecula Wine Country.
We would be happy to show you around!