When it comes to company meetings, many if not most businesses will host their event in a downtown area venue.  Makes sense, as they are usually close to the airport and freeways making the location convenient to get to.  But then again, think of all of the hustle and bustle, bumper-to-bumper traffic and stress of driving…not exactly conducive to creativity and strategizing to better the company.

Doesn’t a meeting and stay in the country sound a bit more relaxing and productive? At Ponte Vineyard Inn, your attendees begin their day by opening their guest room patio doors to 300 acres of lush vineyards and hot air balloons in the sky.  They take a short walk through the beautiful vineyards to their meeting room.  When they arrive something looks a bit different than the typical meeting room – there are windows and adjoining patios that overlook the vineyards they just strolled through.  They enjoy farm fresh, wine country-inspired food and beverages throughout the day.  Your attendees then get creative and inspired by a teambuilding activity, wine country style.  The group will end the day with a dinner in one of our outstanding event rooms such as the Barrel Room, followed by a nightcap in the Cellar Lounge.  Don’t know about you, but we think that makes for a very productive day with some very happy employees.

Ponte Vineyard Inn is located just 6 miles from the 1-15 freeway, just about an hour drive from San Diego and Los Angeles.  We are in the heart of wine country which feels and looks worlds away from the daily grind of the city.  Our full-time event coordinators can help you plan and execute meetings, lunches and events of any size for your company, from brainstorming breakfasts for six to award banquets for 400.  We have a wide range of meeting rooms and venues, menus, state of the art audio and visual equipment, and rooms and suites for overnight stays at our boutique hotel, rated #1 on TripAdvisor.

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