Dear friends,

Today is May 15th, exactly two years since we opened the hotel. It still looks, feels and smells brand new.

What’s amazing is how the garden has matured.


Here’s how it looked during construction (the faint orange marks are for the fountain):

Another View (The marks are the pergola):

Now planting it (just 30 months ago!). Note the fountain in the midle.

Building the pergola and planting:

Two weeks later, May 1 2012, WE ARE DONE!

A garden is born. Like a baby, it’s…cute? Not really, more like dirty diapers and long nights.  But just wait a little and see…


Now we are talking… two years later, the garden has exceeded my expectations.  It’s breathtaking.

Note the fountain and how well the peppers are doing. The roses are amazing and the grassy area perfect to enjoy a cocktail in the shade.  That’s right, you don’t need to limit your beverage to wine.  A real cocktail is available since he have the only full service bar in wine country.

The pepper on the right is the one that replaced our one and only fatality.
See the details here:

Here’s the pergola. Perfect for breakfast the morning after a long night, or a wedding.

Finally a shot of the pond with the winery behind

Now that Spring is here come out and visit and enjoy the gardens. We are #1 on Trip Advisor, 4-Diamond on AAA, and feel our service and quality is second to none in Temecula Wine Country.

Thanks for your support and see you soon