By: Claudio

Here are photos taken of our inn over the past three weeks. Some represent an almost-finished product. Keep in mind we took these with a cell phone. When we get a professional to take the photos they should be much better.

The last few weeks were some of the busiest of my working career. We worked from 7 am to midnight many days and are simply exhausted. But as you will see from the following photos, we made a lot of progress. Ponte Vineyard Inn culminates two years of exceptionally hard work for a very small team of dedicated professionals. It was our first hotel but we feel it is the best in Temecula wine country and will set the standards for our area for years to come. We appreciate your support and hope you will visit soon so you can see it in person.

We have a lot to share with you so let’s get started:

The loggias:

Another View, note the wall sconces made out of roof tiles:

Here is the pergola above Bouquet Restaurant last Saturday morning. Our food and beverage manager is the one with the blue shoes. Hi Karon!

Installing the tile mural. Phenomenal image of the harvest in the Douro Valley in Portugal.

Back to work…
Here our chefs are discussing kitchen installation problems. This kitchen will serve Bouquet and The Cellar Lounge.
Roberto on the left, Salvatore on the right. Yes, they are Italian.

Here, Steve, William and I admire the hotel’s wall art and debate its placement

Placing the art in the Cellar Lounge/Bar

The tile mural is done

The Lobby area:

The living room, note the small bar in the back:

The fireplace in the living room.

A game table. We did not play games this last year, so might as well let the guests do it.

The business center, still missing a computer and the small printer:

One of the corridor furniture sets:

Here see the construction team (with Steve and me in the center) having a well deserved drink after a long year. Leah took the photo so she’s obviously not visible but fully deserved a center position in the picture. Many of the major sub-contractors were missing, having left the site months before. We’ll try to get them to return as guests so they can see what a fine project they build.

Stay tuned for new photos of the rooms, the suites, The Cellar Lounge and the finished front of the building. We look forward to hosting you at our Temecula Wine Country Hotel.

Best regards and thanks for the support,