“So unbelievably disappointing”; “Save your money”; “WARNING: Graphic Details”; “Wedding night Ruined”; “Couple’s Weekend: A Bust”; “Overpriced”; “A mixed bag”; and one of the best: “Dis-a-PONTE-ing”.  These are all real reviews for the best hotel in Temecula.   Fortunately we have only received 9 of these in the 18 months since we opened.  The other 200 or so reviews have been, well, better.

You need thick skin to own a hotel.  It’s hard to read bad reviews like these, especially when our staff works so hard to deliver a world class experience.  Occasionally the review is written by a vicious guest that simply cannot be satisfied. But most of the time the bad review is a true reflection of a bad stay.  Either we screwed up, or the guest expectations were not met: No pool, DG parking lot, Oh my goodness…

The good news is that these reviews always hide nuggets of information that we can use to make the hotel better.  Our team reads them carefully and looks for these little insights that we can turn into action.  Sharp edges on furniture? Fixed. Water under the shower door? Done. Flowers in the wrong room? Dealt with.  DG parking lot? Never mind.

If you want to read a few of these “pearls” visit:

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

A few months ago, on a chilly night, I was sipping on a grappa by the fire pit, minding my own business. There were a few guests looking at the fire.

The pretty lady said to the fellow sitting across from her: “I only stay at Trip Advisor #1 hotels, don’t you?”

The fellow looks at her and says: “What’s Trip Advisor?”

They continued talking about other places they’ve stayed.  At that moment I knew our hotel’s future was in good shape.  We welcome both type of guests, and hope they will meet and share some wine.  Maybe he even figured out what Trip Advisor does–with her help.  I went to bed.